Glenn Nordstrom(non-registered)
Hi Jim, Great pics! See you on the ridge.
Barbara Rude(non-registered)
We have released over 50 black swallowtails into our back yard. We have seen the eggs laid on our dill, fennel and parsley. We take in the young, feed and they go into a chrysalis, and emerge weeks later as a butterfly. This year for the 1st time we had monarch caterpillars on the milkweed.
Ann Thomson(non-registered)
In every category I love all of the outstanding photos!!!
Chris Long(non-registered)
Hey Jim,

It was a pleasure meeting you and Brian at the Hawks Nest. Your photos are amazing! I spent a few hours up there today and the Falcons were extremely active. The Fledglings were flying around like pros! Thank you again for educating me on these fantastic birds! I hope all is well.

Christopher Long
Pictures are awesome! I really like the landscapes and of course the songbirds, and the raptors, thanks for sharing!
Annie Graybill(non-registered)
Beautiful work and lovely website!!
The Piney(non-registered)
Very nice! Need more herp pictures :')
Becky Jones(non-registered)
Awsome photos... I hope to be as good as you some day!!!!!!!
George Henderson(non-registered)
Awesome stuff, Jim. I thought the landscapes were great, but then the animals blew me away! The photos have a terrific natural, rather than over-processed, feel. (I really dislike the HDR stuff that's so popular now, but looks so fake.)
Dawn Asbjorn(non-registered)
Good stuff, you two. Awesome.
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