Hello! And welcome to the nature photography website of Jim and Denise Thomson!

We live in Pennsylvania near the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and are fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time photographing the birds and animals that call this beautiful region their home.

We've also travelled to the western United States and Canada in search of new adventures and the opportunity to photograph the magnificent creatures that are found in that region of the world.

All of the birds and animals in our galleries were photographed "in the wild". You'll find no zoo or game farm photos on this website.

With regards to the photos themselves, the only enhancement has been "cropping" to enlarge the image size. The photos are presented "as taken" right from the camera to the website with no other adjustments or manipulation.

We are fortunate to have a close-knit group of people (aka The Irregulars...you know who you are!) who offer tips, knowledge, support and most of all friendship. They've all contributed in some way to help us get to this point and we are very grateful.

We hope you enjoy our website and are inspired to make your own memories in the great outdoors!